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What is the objective of KAN?
KUTCHI ANGEL NETWORK has been established with the objective of promoting ENTREPRENEURSHIP, mentoring ENTREPRENEURS and enabling start up companies from our Kutchi Community Community by providing them a PLATFORM to connect with INVESTORS. KAN, as an entity does not make any investments. All investments are directly made by INVESTORS (KAN MEMBERS).

How much money do the members of the Kutchi Angel Network typically invest in companies?
A typical investment size is INR50 lacs to INR 5.0 crores But the MEMBERS may Invest more or less depending on the funding requirements of the company and the interest of the MEMBERS. If the investment size is larger, the KAN MEMBERS may syndicate the investment with other investor groups.

How can we approach the Kutchi Angel Network and submit our business plans?
We encourage ENTREPRENEURS to directly contact the KAN Office to submit their business profiles (in the format provided by KAN). This can be done through either emailing the soft copy at the contact details provided or uploading the same on our website.

How are deals selected for presentation to the members of the Kutchi Angel Network?
If you meet the criteria laid by the promoters of Kutchi Angel Network, we encourage you to submit a business profile (in the format provided by KAN) for investment consideration. KAN Office will forward your submissions to the pre-screening committee for review. The committee, which includes Investor Members, Advisory Board Members and KAN Office bearers, shall then evaluate submissions and provide their feedback. If your business profile interests the committee, we will arrange up a business plan presentation meeting of our committee with you in order to enable them to assess and evaluate your business plan against our criteria including quality of management, market opportunities, financial projections, etc.

What is the average stage of the companies that present to the Kutchi Angel Network?
KAN MEMBERS are open to investment in all start-ups and early growth stage companies with strong teams, promising or unique technology or services, large potential markets and high barriers to entry.

What should the business plan contain?
At the first stage, you need to submit a short profile of your business in a format provided by KAN. Thereafter, post the initial screening, KAN MEMBERS would want to review the business plan. An ideal structure of the business plan, for entrepreneurs reference, has been provided on the KAN website. Though it is not necessary for ENTREPRENEURS to follow the same business plan format, it is mandatory to submit the business profile in the format prescribed by KAN.

Are there any fees in order to submit a plan to the KAN?
There are no fees payable to submit the Business Plans to KAN. However, in case an investment is made through the KAN PLATFORM, KAN shall charge a small percentage of the funds invested as transaction fees from the Investee company.

How long does it take for a company to receive funding from the KAN Members?
After your first contact to the KAN, you should expect response within seven to ten days. Thereafter, depending on the interest of the MEMBERS, we shall call you for a presentation and further evaluate your company. Lastly, a due diligence shall be undertaken and simultaneously all legal agreements prepared. KAN can not guarantee a time period within which a company may receive funding from MEMBERS, but experience tells the whole process may take 12-16 weeks.

How does anyone become a member of the Kutchi Angel Network?
Kutchi Angel Network is currently promoted by five large business houses who also are the initial MEMBERS of Kutchi Angel Network. Going forward, the PROMOTERS of KAN may decide to expand the INVESTOR base by sending across invitation for Membership based on response and requirement for further funding commitments. Members need to pay an annual membership fees for being a part of KAN MEMBER Network.
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