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Review and Selection Process
  • If you meet the criteria set by KAN MEMBERS, we encourage you to submit a business profile for investment consideration. You will need to submit a Business Profile Analysis (mandatory to submit in the format provided by KAN).
  • Based on the business profile received, KAN’s pre-screening committee will than evaluate and short-list opportunities that they would like to further evaluate

Detailed Evaluation
  • Following successful completion of the pre-screening process, ENTREPRENEURS will be invited to present their business plan (in format suggested by KAN) to the entire MEMBER Network and advisory board of Kutchi Angel Network.
  • In the interim between selection and presentation, KAN Office, if required by the entrepreneurs, provides value-added preparatory services to companies to refine their business plans, written and oral presentations, and prepare them for key investor questions.
  • Post the presentation, INVESTORS would undertake a detailed evaluation exercise to validate the business plan, study the industry dynamics, assess the competitive position of the company and evaluate the financial projections.

Follow-up and Business Plan Finalization
  • In case the Investors decide to participate in the investment opportunity, KAN would firstly sign a term sheet and one of the investors (lead investor) shall have follow-up meetings with the management to align the business plan and have agreement on valuation, funding and other key terms. In certain cases, valuations and terms shall be finalize by external consultants.

Due Diligence and Finalization of Terms
  • KAN Office shall then coordinate with external consultants to undertake a detailed financial, legal and technical due diligence.
  • Based on the due diligence report submitted by the third party service providers, lead investor or the KAN Office shall reconfirm the investment thesis, business plan and if required, re-negotiate the valuation and key term.

Legal Agreements and Investment
  • KAN Office shall engage corporate law firms to prepare the necessary legal agreements. Post the discussion on the legal agreements, Investors shall (in their individual capacities) subscribe to the company’s share and infuse the committed capital.

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